I’ve been immersed in thinking and working on issue related to climate change over the last few months.

So, here’s my latest blog that captures some of these experiences from my time in Sausalito, San Francisco, Asia and Australia.


janeintheworld is my blog which I write on my small boat in Sausalito, California where I live, or wherever I happen to be traveling in the world as director, women’s empowerment with The Asia Foundation. This organization works for systemic change at both institutional and community levels in support of peace, justice and prosperity in the region.

I’m a storyteller, artist and activist and I weave the narratives and experiences of my life into my writing, mentoring, public speaking, drawing and visioning. I seek to bring my creative and activist self to my work and life.

I’ve spent years working with grassroots organizations at the front line of advocating for women’s and girls’ rights and leadership and responding to the impact of discrimination, dislocation and dehumanization.

Jane Sloane - Bowerbird Photography
photo by Bowerbird Photography

I’m continually asking the question ‘what’s really going down here’ and what are the most helpful ways to see these situations and to address the root causes of inequality to advance women’s and girls’ human rights. How can men and boys be more engaged in working for gender equality, knowing that this work will open options to realize their own potential and transformative leadership rather than their having to assume defined and prescribed roles.

I’m passionate about seeking collaborations that can shift power and resources to grassroots women’s organizations.so that women have access to the funds to support their own leadership, strategies and solutions in their communities and countries. Equally important is their access to high level forums so they can speak for themselves rather than have others speak on their behalf.

In my life, I finally have a sense of my own power and I want to use it fully, and to mentor and support others to do the same.

I hold close to me words of the poet, Mary Oliver, “what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” as a constant question for my waking life and my work. In this spirit, I am seeking a balance of work (I believe in) and play (time) to really know myself and those around me.

As ever, being in the natural world restores me, time with friends and family nurtures me while solitude provides the foundational prayer and affirmation for all that I do.

Jane Sloane

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