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Letter From San Francisco #18

December 28th, 2014 by

20141116_SausalitoSky3x1000 ‘Put down your bucket where you are’ was Howard Zinn’s prescription for social change.

My small red bucket is here on my boat.  And my boat life fulfils the distilled advice given by a friend, “choose happiness.”  Sausalito must be one of the most joyful places I’ve ever lived.

Floaty boat living is also a great place for contemplation. Especially when working for an organization like Global Fund for Women, with its commitment to women’s human rights globally.

Recently I was in Lima, Peru for a gathering of our grantee partners – women’s human rights defenders and activists working in Latin American countries.… Continue Reading

Letter from Hawaii #2

October 4th, 2014 by

I’m back on Kaua’i, land of double rainbows, waterfalls, surfers, storytellers, music makers, iconic KKCR radio, seed-savers and wisdom traditions. At Hanalei Bay, I watched a woman paddling in her canoe and her white dog watching her from the shore, running up and down the beach, frantic. Suddenly the white dog starts splashing through the water and then the dog is paddling like crazy through deep water to reach her mistress. She follows that canoe until her mistress swerves into shallow waters and, after several attempts, the white dog finally hauls herself onto the canoe.… Continue Reading

Peoples Climate March – New York City 2014

September 22nd, 2014 by

On Sunday I was part of The Peoples Climate March, the biggest climate march in history marching through New York City!



More brilliant people powered energy at NY Climate Change March. I’m with Women for Climate Justice #peoplesclimate

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Groundswell and climate roar for justice on this amazing march. Come one, come all. 400,000 marchers, 1 minute silent remembering those lost; then electrifying roar of a human tsunami demanding climate justice #PeopleClimate


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Letter From Indonesia #2

August 17th, 2014 by

I’m just back from a Women and Climate Change convening at Green Camp in Bali.  Some 100 women grass roots leaders together with representatives from grantmaking organizations, women’s funds and environmental agencies, converged from across the globe for a highly significant convening.

When we were invited to attend we were also asked to bring something from our own culture that symbolized our connection to place and identity. I thought about my own sense of being an Australian and what grounded and affirmed me as a touchstone for my identity. … Continue Reading

Letter from Sunrise #1

July 17th, 2014 by

Moon’s up
Shane Howard, Gurrumul
…my country
I’m dancing light into night

microlights dotting the hills
this boat’s a rockin’
like dolphins are nudging it from underneath

outside, rowboat
oars slap, slap
darkness spills
nature, a universal home
touchstone to a defined home

boat speeding toward me
rippling water
birds divebombing

high tide, lapping waters
clinking of bells
rush of laughter
tiny boats
human sized

Jerry Garcia land
Church of the boaty waters
all the Jonathan Livingston Seagulls in the sky
sing my boaty throaty hymns

The joy of a working harbor
tiny boat motoring into the night
in the distance
a bolt of light
a boat of light

Look up at the sky
stars in slipstream
such a sense of aliveness
voices carry
beauty wherever I turn
the sweet clanging of
boat bells
the rhythm of the waves
slowly rocking me
there is a profound feeling
of oneness with the
world, completeness
rocked back to the
how I love this
long for this
even while I’m feeling this

oh transitory joy
transitory bliss
transitory life
the beauty, the
beauty of it all
rush of water
rush of wind
rush of air

and my feet
like rocks on a
tilting earth
I am alive

Deepening night
darkening night
jangle jangle
slow rock slap
howl of dog wolves
in distance
rumble on

waters of a connected
world – flow like
Blood through my veins

A flash of boat fire
surge of joy
of boats seen
leaning on my boat
head tipped to a
sky swept to infinity

I feel like I’m
on the roof of
the world here
on sunset’s bow
a misty rain
cloud crossing
a sickle moon
all alight, all aflame
in my soul

spirit sparked
jangle jangle
the lit world
I feel so alive
rushing water
rushing life
light and life
rushing air jangle

memory of the great birds
swooping, swooning low
as I step
outside my
boat into morning
that fierce
direct connection
to nature through
birds wings
flutter by
jangle jangle

Oh deep joy
slap slap
jingle jangle
that moon again
I am alive
the newness
fully awake and present
to this moment in
my life
rushing wind now

And all around
infinite stillness
energy vibrating
pulsing this world
clang clang clang
wake up
it’s now
it’s all now
our moment of aliveness
is now
clang clang
feet steady
head tipped
to the infinite sky

conversations carry
from waterfront cafes
caches of people

inky hills
dotted lights
I swivel round
constancy of
boats tucked up
to the sleeping world
voices carry
clang clang
lights striking through
the night sky
sweet rippling waters
sweet sleeping waters
is melodic
so too is the
changing tide

yellow moon
so big
lamp moon
hovering in the sky

mythic moon
boat lamps
twinkling winking
moon lamp
aglow in the sky

sky dark
tiny pinprick stars
show their faces
sky sparks
play their dance with
a low slung moon
moon river
could be playing
it’s a moon bay moony night
a swoony night
with that moon swinging low
sweet chariot
I am carried home
in my heart
in the lilt and tilt of the night
forever night

How magical it all is
here I stand
here I flow
tone and texture
music and art
voice and play

A night for creatures
emotional heart
of creation
kindred spirits
bound to that
yellow moon
so wondrous
above a
Sausalito tide



Jane Sloane





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