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Current Update: Letter from Hawaii #2

IMG_20141004_081605716[1]I’m back on Kaua’i, land of double rainbows, waterfalls, surfers, storytellers, music makers, iconic KKCR radio, seed-savers and wisdom traditions. At Hanalei Bay, I watched a woman paddling in her canoe and her white dog watching her from the shore, running up and down the beach, frantic. Suddenly the white dog starts splashing through the water and then the dog is paddling like crazy through deep water to reach her mistress. She follows that canoe until her mistress swerves into shallow waters and, after several attempts, the white dog finally hauls herself onto the canoe. I swear White Dog is grinning — pleased as punch — as she assumes her position at the front of the canoe, an iconic watch guard as her mistress paddles back out to sea.

A year ago, just after spending time on Kauai, I was so excited by the victory Kauaian’s achieved in securing a new law requiring companies to disclose their use of pesticides and genetically modified crops. However, on August 25th this year a federal judge ruled the new law invalid…
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My Book Launch...

Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

Annie Wright & Jane Sloane - © 2014 Bowerbird Photography

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Ariel and Sam of Bowerbird Photography

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