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Letter From San Francisco #20

Nepal EarthquakeI woke up on Saturday morning to news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal and in Northern India, which has already resulted in almost 2,000  over 4000 deaths, with the final death toll predicted to be much higher once the recovery effort gains momentum.

I’ve been watching the media commentary and have been thinking about how we need to do more to lift up the voices and images of women to ensure that aid is being directed in ways that benefit women and girls, as well as men and boys.

The leadership contribution of Nepalese and Indian women to the relief effort, and in the longer term rehabilitation process, will be central to ensuring that decisions made take into account the needs and reality of women’s lives in all their dimensions. This includes as pregnant women, mothers, carers, peace-makers, educators, workers and human rights activists. Their role will also be vital in ensuring that the gains already made in advancing gender equality aren’t eroded.

While women are at the frontline of disaster impact and response due to their role in looking after their children, elders and community members, they are often excluded from decision-making about where to direct resources for both the immediate and long term recovery effort. We need to be clear that disaster response is a gender issue and we need to recognize and act on this….

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