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ccf_1882I’m here in Cambodia as part of a month long visit to The Asia Foundation’s country offices in my new role as Director, Women’s Empowerment Program. While spending time with our country office here, my friend, Jen, invited me on a night time tour with Scott Neeson, founder of Cambodia Children’s Fund (CCF).

I’m night walking with Scott through the dump fields of Phnom Penh.  We’re carrying flashlights while Scott gives me a running narrative about the families who we’re walking by and meeting. These are the families who scavenge for food and goods that they can re-sell in order to eke out enough money to stay alive. We turn the corner and Scott says to me “These people are lucky, they don’t have to pay rent.”  I see a simple dwelling that is perched atop a mound of ground garbage with a family living there and looking up at us as we say hello.
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Recent Webinars and Speeches..,

Future Health Leaders Conference 2015 – “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Last November I was invited to give speak at the 2015 Future Health Leaders Conference . It was a wonderful event and I particularly want to thank Shannon Nott for the invitation to speak.

My keynote speech was THE POWER OF MOVEMENTS – A GLOBAL MOVEMENT OF FUTURE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS about the potential, individually and collectively to lead a strong health worker movement to change the world.



Power of Witness – women, children, and the Syrian refugee crisis – Women’s Funding Network webinar


In early Feb this year, I was invited by the Women’s Funding Network to give a webinar on my travels to Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt to meet with women’s groups, join a convening of Syrian women activists, and to bear witness to life in refugee camps for women and children.

Women’s Funding Network Webinar: Power Of Witness

My Book Launch...

Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

Annie Wright & Jane Sloane - © 2014 Bowerbird Photography

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Ariel and Sam of Bowerbird Photography



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