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Current Update: Letter from San Francisco #19

Life on the bayLiving on a small wooden boat feels like a metaphor for life writ large.

I go from bunkering down during a storm, feeling like I’m in a dodgem car bumping up on all sides, to the dreamy calm and eggshell blue of a new day.

During a recent night’s storm I listened to an interview with poet Mary Oliver who was talking to Krista Tippett (On Being) about her ‘insufficient childhood’ and that walking the woods had saved her life, as had poetry.

“I got saved by poetry and I got saved by the beauty of the (wild, silky) world,” Oliver said.
“Poetry is a life cherishing force…the way it’s written is communal – it has enticements of sound. It’s easier for people to remember, own it, speak it, as you might a prayer, it belongs to you. And it is the theater of the spiritual…utterly obedient to the mystery…”

Oliver also talks of our need to focus on creating a moral planet. Her invocation here reminds me of the article that David Brooks wrote in The New York Times last month…

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