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troubles01I landed in London just as the outcome of the Brexit vote also landed.  Half the plane cheering, and half the plane miserable with shock and dismay. I was in the latter camp. I couldn’t understand why the prime minister had allowed it to come to a vote when the vote to leave the European Union was always a possibility, and now a reality.  Putting it to the vote might have been the right populist thing to do while exercising moral courage is a tougher call.

I flew from London to Belfast and walked out of the terminal.  As a child born in the 60s I was still young when the Troubles began in Northern Ireland. I remember watching scenes unfold first on grainy black and white television and then later in full color…

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Recent Webinars and Speeches..,

Future Health Leaders Conference 2015 – “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Last November I was invited to give speak at the 2015 Future Health Leaders Conference . It was a wonderful event and I particularly want to thank Shannon Nott for the invitation to speak.

My keynote speech was THE POWER OF MOVEMENTS – A GLOBAL MOVEMENT OF FUTURE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS about the potential, individually and collectively to lead a strong health worker movement to change the world.



Power of Witness – women, children, and the Syrian refugee crisis – Women’s Funding Network webinar


In early Feb this year, I was invited by the Women’s Funding Network to give a webinar on my travels to Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt to meet with women’s groups, join a convening of Syrian women activists, and to bear witness to life in refugee camps for women and children.

Women’s Funding Network Webinar: Power Of Witness

My Book Launch...

Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

Annie Wright & Jane Sloane - © 2014 Bowerbird Photography

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Ariel and Sam of Bowerbird Photography



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