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Letter from Hawaii #2

October 4th, 2014 by

I’m back on Kaua’i, land of double rainbows, waterfalls, surfers, storytellers, music makers, iconic KKCR radio, seed-savers and wisdom traditions. At Hanalei Bay, I watched a woman paddling in her canoe and her white dog watching her from the shore, running up and down the beach, frantic. Suddenly the white dog starts splashing through the water and then the dog is paddling like crazy through deep water to reach her mistress. She follows that canoe until her mistress swerves into shallow waters and, after several attempts, the white dog finally hauls herself onto the canoe.… Continue Reading

Letter from Hawaii #1

October 18th, 2013 by

On the back of an intense work period I manage to get a break in Hawaii.  For me island cultures have a special place as they have their own ways of seeing and being and a mystic connection to the sea and nature, as evoked in their storytelling. In their location they are fixed and yet fluid, vulnerable and yet resilient.

Kauai (pronounced Kawaii) casts its spell as soon as we arrive and I feel myself soften as I open up to sea, sky, stars and community.… Continue Reading