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Current Update: Letter from Piccadilly

201501309-JaneSloane-CottageFront(Corrected)I am home. Cockatoos hurtle like boomerangs across the morning sky. A cacophony of sounds. The beautiful trees. The awakening of the natural world –

The owners of my Piccadilly cottage, and the wider land on which it stands, are selling the property and so this is my last time here. My doctor has ordered complete rest so that my fractured ankle can heal and she’s told me to cancel all holiday plans. “You need to stop, to rest and reschedule your holidays for later. You’re exhausted and your foot needs to heal; this is recuperation time and medical appointment time for you.”

And so here I am, unexpectedly face to face with grief at leaving my heart home, this sanctuary that has been such a balm for my soul for the last 12 years. It feels like a layering of loss and, at the heart of this loss, a call to courage…

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My Book Launch...

Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

Annie Wright & Jane Sloane - © 2014 Bowerbird Photography

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Ariel and Sam of Bowerbird Photography