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Letter From Lebanon

The stories of women who had escaped ISIS from when I was in Istanbul were still very much on my mind as I flew into Beirut.

My sense of the city was a place under siege, in spite of a vibrant café culture. At this stage the elections were still to take place and the outcome – a continuation of repression – was still a possibility rather than reality.

Arriving in Beirut, late afternoon, walking the tiny curvy lanes and steep steps past smashed stone buildings bumping against elegant frames. Small shops bright with gorgeous lamps while nearby people sitting in bars and cafes smoking water pipes and, in the distance, backlit churches and elegant mosques.

shatila-camp-palestinians-beirut-05I am in a land which has its descendants from Phoenicia and that had weathered the Turks, the Ottomans, the Crusaders, the Europeans and the Assyrians, the exiles and dispossessed over thousands of years.

The following day began the visits to women’s rights groups  and the true horror of the refugee situation became evident… read on

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Ending Child Marriage Interview

Watch my recent appearance on Full Frame CCTV with Mike Walters discussing ending child marriage…

My Book Launch...

Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

Annie Wright & Jane Sloane - © 2014 Bowerbird Photography

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