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New Letter from San Francisco #17

nigerian girlsI’ve been thinking a lot about girls and boldness lately.

One of the images that has really stuck in my mind is that of Monday Yuguda, one of the Nigerian girls who was kidnapped by the Boko Haram. She was in the kidnappers’ open-topped truck with some 300 of her school friends, and when the truck slowed to a crawl as it navigated the dense forest at night, Monday looked up at a tree and its low hanging branches and in that split second chose to risk all for life. She reached out and grabbed a branch and swung herself into the tree as the truck rumbled on.  Monday waited in the tree until she felt she could run and then she ran as fast as she could through the forest and back to the town of Chibok, where the attack had taken place.  What is it that gave Monday the courage to take that risk rather than stay frozen with fear on the truck?

And what can we do as a community to give girls the confidence to act while also increasing their safety and security?
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Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

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