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Letter From The Interior

black sea

“Caring for myself is not self indulgence, it is self preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”
A Burst of Light: Essays

Audre Lorde


This is a long-time-coming letter, erupting like a dormant volcano, stirred and spurred by a convening of women’s human rights activists in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and held in Batumi on the edge of the Black Sea.

A surreal series of flights on smallish planes hopping from London to Riga to Minsk to Batumi that brings me to the convening. By the time I arrive in Minsk it’s late at night and all that greets me is an endless configuration of grey, unoccupied seats in the transfer lounge…

At last we take flight and then finally I’m in Batumi, on an ink black night and me in an altered state. I sleepwalk through registration and fall into my bed and to a brief and welcome sleep. I wake to the alarm and to our planning day for the convening, pull the curtains across and stare at the view. The sea!! The sea!! … read on

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Ending Child Marriage Interview

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Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

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