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Letter From San Francisco #21

JaneSloane-SausalitoBoatGarden04I left the joyful energy of my houseboat in Sausalito to catch a flight to Mexico City. This was around the time President Obama was preparing to head to Alaska and to hike the peaks to provide a dramatic visual backdrop to his message about the need for urgent international action on climate change.

I was headed to the International Meeting on Campesinos Economy and Agroecology in America as a gathering designed to strengthen the movement of campesinos (peasants) fighting for food, water and land sovereignty through agro-ecology, the science behind sustainable agriculture. This gathering would also be discussing the devastating impact the Trans Pacific Partnership promoted by President Obama would have on small scale farmers and galvanizing a stronger resistance movement to GMO.

And so I entered a space where hundreds of peasants were deeply engaged in intellectual, spiritual and practical conversations about seed sovereignty, land and indigenous wisdom. This was a space to discuss how to radically shift from the corporate led Green Revolution and agri-business to a human centered grass roots approach that places reverence for life and relationships and nutritious food at its core.

These peasants were seeking to be valued rather than seen as poor and needing charity. They wanted to be recognized for their intrinsic value as small producers and as the best defense against climate impact… Read on
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Ending Child Marriage Interview

Watch my recent appearance on Full Frame CCTV with Mike Walters discussing ending child marriage…

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Book launch in San Francisco Public Library

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