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You can order a copy of “Citizen Jane: ‘transformative citizenship in a globalized world” here

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Letter From San Francisco #15

It was the news no-one wants to wake up to hear, delivered to me by my good friend, Thatch. Pete Seeger was dead. He’d been so much a part of my life for so long that my head hurt and my heart ached with the knowledge of his passing.
Pete Seeger who’d written my favorite song, Turn, Turn, Turn.
Pete Seeger who, with his wife, Toshi Aline Seeger, founded the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, to protect the Hudson River and surrounding wetlands.
Pete Seeger, musical and political icon for a generation of people who shared his commitment to social justice.
Pete Seeger, who said, “Participation – that’s what’s gonna save the human race.”…

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4 thoughts on “Citizen Jane -The Book

  1. Jonathan Chan

    Jane, I think this book is beautifully written – with diverse knowledge and worldly experiences sprinkled in throughout.
    The descriptive imagery of your experiences and feelings depict a maturing and hungry mind seeking for more answers and wisdom. And, well written!
    You are courageous to write about and open yourself up to the world.
    A wonderfully written first chapter!!!

  2. Upali Magedaragamage

    Dear Jane, the book is so extremely well written, so vividly, so lively, so poetically! I read the two chapters nonstop. I like very much how you started with two great souls, your Grandma and Mandela. In the chapter 22 when you wrote “We’d discussed the possibility of establishing a social enterprise lab for students who were interested in international development approaches, I saw in my mind’s eye a great future for the world! How amazing as a development person, I too had an idea like this. Please keep on writing. These wonderful ideas inspire us all. –Upali Magedaragamage, Sri Lanka

  3. anonymous

    HI Jane:

    So Proud of you!! I can’t wait to get into the book.
    Just FYI: I shared this on my facebook page and here is what I wrote..

    The book is written by a good friend. Met her in Fiji, known her for 6 yrs now. 4 years of email friendship. She has since moved from Australia to the US, does amazing work with women. She is just as inspiring to be around as what she writes about. Her energy can be compared to the Sun–warm, radiant and life giving.

    The book can be a good supplement for women’s studies, conflict resolution and citizen led social change!!

    Jane you are truly inspiring!! Keep up the good work. Will come back with notes, once I have read some more on the book!! hugs

    Oh another thing, I might use it as supplemental reading one of our class on Social Change…..:)

  4. Samuel Martin

    Hi Jane.

    After reading your letters we were in the Solomon Islands last September. It was definitely the most inspiring travel in our live!!! We met amazing people there, specially women!
    Now I want to buy your book, but its sold out in amazon in the paperback version.

    Is still possible to buy it somewhere?

    With love from Spain.


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